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Hello there! I have some very lovely jewelry up for the taking on my etsy shop...

I'm a cellist, and lately have been making bracelets and necklaces out of cello strings, and do a lot of work with gold-filled chain and wire. I also take custom orders and can do just about anything in silver also!

New Etsy Shop!

Hey, there, everybody! I just wanted to make a post regarding my Etsy shop that I'll be using to sell my jewelry. I only have seven items posted and three earring of the month club memberships, but as soon as I get selling I'll be posting more. If you're a fellow member, I'd appreciate it if you gave it a look-see.


Also, I bought some polymer clay and have been going crazy making charms and pendants, so as soon as I get my camera charged again I'll be sure to add some photos of those projects and/or put some up in my Etsy shop.

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Does anyone live in Charlotte, NC or Columbus, OH?

Hi! I work for a youth research company and am currently trying to learn more about teenagers who are "collectors" or like arts and crafts-- we are holding focus groups in your area and your opinions are really important to us!

The focus group will take about two hours. We will pay you $100 for your participation.

Here is a short list of the requirements for the project:
o Be between the age of 16-19
o Live in or around Charlotte or Columbus
o Able to participate on June 12th or 13th

Please let me know if you are interested by end of today, Friday June 9th. When you respond, please make sure that you include: name, email address, age, hobbies, and city of residence.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to ask me anything!

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

New Member

I'm new here so I thought I'd make a post to introduce myself. I'm Jessica, I'll be 19 around the end of the month, and I've been drawing and painting pretty much my whole life, but I've gotten into photography and jewelrymaking over the past couple years. I started making jewelry in January of 2005.
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Custom Jewelry

Would anyone here be interested in me making a custom choker, bracelet/ring, bracelt, anklet, or anklet/toe ring for them? I have many ideas and would like to make some custom jewelry for people. It's always been a hobby of mine. I use seed beads for this, if anyone is interested in having one made for them or would like more information, please email me at andrewsbabygirl5@yahoo.com and if you would like to order we can discuss what colors, etc . . .

All of the jewelry will be custom made for you to your wrist/neck/ankle size, and will take a few days to make, and my shipping prices per item will never go over $1.50 via USPS First Class shipping. So please contact me if you are interested in ordering one.

Prices starting at just $10, I do very good work and will use as many colors as you'd like, please contact me for more information, I should be able to make a few samples over the next few days and post them in my LJ, but in the meantime you can contact me and ask me what I make, how long certain ones might take, etc . . . I DO accept bulk orders!

Thank you for looking!
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